Cap Verde  –  Turtle Foundation

In the Cape Verde islands nOa Climate teamed up with the Turtle Foundation to supply 1m3 household biogas systems to remote ranger camps located on the beaches.

Rangers use these remote outposts as bases from which they patroll the beaches and protect sea turtles. We connected eco-toilets to the systems as well. Now the rangers have clean sanitation and renewable cooking gas from their kitchen wastes.

Keep up the good work rangers!

Cap Verde  –  Slums Quarantine

Early in 2020 the COVID 19 pandemic forced the Cape Verde authorities to force people living in informal setllements on the islands to quarrantine with no running water or sanitation. What followed was an immediate cholora outbreak. nOa Climate installed eco-toilets and connected them to our biodigesters to provide immediate relief and clean sanitation. The affected community then also had the added benefit of biogas as a free source of renewable cooking fuel.

Kenia  –  Matuga Orphanage

 In October 2020 nOa Climate installed a 25m3 biogas digester with a toilet, 2 large cooking stoves, lamps and even a hot water shower that runs on biogas at an Orphanage in Kenya.

The orphanage now no longer has cooking fuel expenses and preduce enough fertilizer to boost crop production in their vegetable gardens. In the next step, the orphanage will sell excess biogas and fertilizer to the neighbouring farms, thereby securing a sustainable passive income for the orphanage.

Kenia  –  Burani Village

In October 2020 nOa Climate installed a 5m3 biogas digester at a recreational training center and school in Kenya. The school uses the biogas to cook meals and boil water and the fertilizer to fertilize their vegetable gardens, vertical gardens and fish farm.

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