Household Biogas

household system

Our household biogas systems are completely off-grid and designed to recycle your organic waste into energy and organic fertilizer. Whether you are an environmentally friendly family, an off-grid pioneer, a farmer or a restaurant owner, we have the right system for you.

nOa One is available in five different sizes dependent on your individual needs : 1.5 m3, 2.5 m3, 5 m3, 12.5 m3 , 25 m3

the noa one biogas system

Commercial Organic Waste Recycling Facilities

commercial organic waste recycling facilities

We install and manage state-of-the-art, low-cost commercial organic waste recycling facilities that recycle between 10 tons and 100 tons of organic waste per day. Our facilities are completely off-grid and are ideal solutions and services for city waste management, food markets and large agriculture operations.

For more information about our recycling facilities please get in touch with us.


our nOa appliances

Embedded Stove Single
flow rate 0.35 m/h

Burner Single
flow rate 0.45 m/h

Shower/ Water Heater
flow rate 1.5 m/h

Table Top Stove Single
flow rate 0.3 m/h

flow rate 0.35 m/h

Eco Toilet
connects directly to any of our
biogas systems only uses 1.5 L/flush

Table Top Stove Double 
flow rate 0.45 m 3/h

flow rate 0.07 m/h

1.5kW Generator
flow rate 1.5 m/h

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