Household Biogas

household system

Our household biogas systems are completely off-grid and designed to recycle your organic waste into energy and organic fertilizer. Whether you are an environmentally friendly family, an off-grid pioneer, a farmer or a restaurant owner, we have the right system for you.

nOa One is available in four different sizes dependent on your individual needs : 2.5 m3, 5 m3, 12.5 m3 , 25 m3

the noa one biogas system


our nOa appliances

Embedded Stove Single
flow rate 0.35 m/h

Burner Single
flow rate 0.45 m/h

Shower/ Water Heater
flow rate 1.5 m/h

Table Top Stove Single
flow rate 0.3 m/h

flow rate 0.35 m/h

Eco Toilet
connects directly to any of our
biogas systems only uses 1.5 L/flush

Table Top Stove Double 
flow rate 0.45 m 3/h

flow rate 0.07 m/h

1.5kW Generator
flow rate 1.5 m/h

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